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In the Bay Area, we enjoy breathtaking and beautiful architecture and property in the world. Isn’t it only right to adorn these beautiful apartments, homes, and condominiums with trendy interior design and beautiful furniture? Interior design and home furnishing is becoming increasingly hard to stay caught up with. That is why, as a Menlo Park interior design company, Flegel’s employs the most talented and forward thinking interior designers in the state.

Relevant and Beautiful

By staying caught up with modern trends in interior designs and planning, Flegel’s ensures that both their stock of furniture and home furnishings remains relevant and beautiful. Our Menlo Park interior design company team has complete access to Flegel’s entire listing of showroom worthy furniture and design pieces. Their interior designers can get the most out of any room; whether it’s the elegance of bedroom furniture, or the timeless craftsmanship of Stickley furniture.

Extensive Knowledge and Experience

On top of the stock of furniture at their disposal, our Menlo Park home furnishing professionals have extensive knowledge and experience that they bring to any job. Featuring the talented eye and current trend knowledge to handle any project, from commercial to private apartments or condos, Flegel’s team of interior designers are the heart and soul that keep the cutting-edge design company so current. With a short consultation and interview, our designers can and will work wonders on any budget.

Contact Flegels Today

Please continue to browse Flegel’s website and online furniture catalog. Or, contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our brilliant interior designers to see what kind of service and expertise you can have at just a phone call away.Our Menlo Park interior design company specializes in timeless beauty and one-of-a-kind craftsmanship; let us show you why with interior design professionals and an amazing stock of exquisite furniture.

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