First, know this: we are furniture fans. We want to help you preserve your personal history, and understand every piece is an old friend. We earnestly do our best to make the process as affordable and transparent as possible. That said, reupholstering isn’t an off-the-shelf process, so pricing is variable. The size of the piece, the style, the fabric, the details, structural defects you want repaired (and ones that are revealed only when the fabric is removed) all play a part.
Base prices are determined by the style and size of the piece, plus the fabric selected. The number and type of cushions also affect base pricing.
Little details, inside and out, may affect the cost. Examples of options with up charges include cushion insert choices, skirt styles, nailheads, buttons, skirt trims and arm covers.
You will receive an initial quote based on the information you provide and the options you select. When the furniture arrives at the workroom, the old covering and decking are removed, the piece is examined, and the spring work is inspected. Beyond making sure the details of the work order are accurate, the workroom determines if structural improvements are required or recommended, and whether there will be additional charges for this work. Flegel’s will notify you of any potential upcharges before the work is done.
Pickup and delivery charges will vary by piece and location.
As we said at the top, we’re fans of furniture needing an update. We’re friendly and candid. Send us an email, or visit our showroom, and we’ll be happy to give you an estimate usually within 24 hours.
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