Every piece of Stickley Furniture is a custom work of art. The individual boards are hand-selected for grain symmetry and beauty. Every drawer is hand-fit to its opening. Every door is hand-fit to its case. Each table leaf is meticulously hand-fit to its table in its allotted order. This process makes evident the passion, skill, and pride that goes into Stickley craftmanship – as do the initials of the craftsman, which appear on every piece of Stickley furniture. Superior craftsmanship, timeless design, and a true passion for surpassing a customer’s expectations – these traits are the benchmark of fine furniture manufacturing. Stickley pledges to embody all three qualities, and to take them one step further. Stickley is not content to make just fine furniture. Stickley aims for – and achieves – the exceptional.

Visit our San Francisco Bay Area showroom to see fine examples of STICKLEY furniture.